Reece Backhouse

Discovery Coach

Why did I become a Discovery Coach? After a 12 year career in and around Finance I always thought my path was set. Over the years and alongside some steady progression I always came to the thought that this was a pretty solid career path I had mapped out. I would often think about further studying and gaining more in-depth education in Finance. That urge to do more was always there, but when it came to the time to decide where I would further educate myself, the path got a little blurry.


I came to a realisation that I was very much satisfied with my path, my experience and my opportunities, but when I started to think about how and why I felt satisfied, I realised that I was only “just satisfied” and that didn’t sit well with me. I wanted to explore this, and through some time of self discovery I realised that satisfactory wasn’t going to be enough for me anymore;


I wanted fulfilment.


To me, satisfactory was becoming a very middle-ground, mediocre term on the ‘happiness scale’. For example, think of a customer satisfactory feedback rating and the middle rating would always seem to be satisfactory. The top end would be the real great score! For some, to be satisfied can be great, it can be a sign of hard work, nice achievements and enough to make you smile. But can you take that smile a bit further? Can it reach your ears a little more, can it make a few more smile lines visible on your face?


I’d wanted to be a coach for some time and felt a calling and a curiosity towards people. Through coaching I felt I can not only achieve this sense of fulfilment but share it at the same time.