Discovery Coaching

Working together to re-energise your discovery path

The first, let’s say, 20 years of your life are filled with such a sense of discovery and exploration. As a youth, you may have experienced what you look back on as a real feeling of freedom. When and why did this slow down, phase out or come to an end? What happened that made you feel it was time for a bit more of a steady and narrow path? And why do you now feel an urge to mix things up and discover and explore more?


Through discovery coaching, I can take you on a journey of new realisations. We will look at what patterns you formed during earlier years of discovery and together look at how to form the way your path is taken now, during this stage of your life.


Do you ever feel frustrated? Do you know where or why you feel frustrated? Frustration can often feel like a result of someones action towards you or something close to you, and this feeling of frustration can be a result of two conflicting emotions you feel from this situation. Once you discover how YOU react to others’ actions, you can have a much stronger sense of control and choice about how this reaction is formed.


Discovery coaching offers you the space to explore yourself from within. It’s a time of your week you will commit to me, to enable a commitment to yourself.

Open up to yourself and re-experience discovery on a deeper level.