Why is now a good time to have coaching?

After an influx of interest over the last few weeks, I started to wonder if there was a connection between the interest for coaching and the current times we are faced with. 

A common theme over the last couple of years has seen a struggle with how to gain a sense of appreciation and fulfilment, whilst optimising the abundance of opportunity we have available to us. 

Some people are challenged with the struggle to keep up in life; the fear of missing out vs. feeling unappreciative by giving up and moving on to the next thing, after not giving everything a real 100%. Intuitively it doesn’t connect, but it’s still there to try. Look at it this way, with so much opportunity available are you honouring such an abundance by experiencing everything, ensuring you’re on par with the next person, or are you ungrateful and skipping an opportunity that could be great? 

This is where a Discovery Coach comes in to play helping you help yourself in identifying your core values and how to take satisfaction to a level of fulfilment. 

Now, given the current circumstances, the abundance of opportunity is not so widely available as it once was, and the ‘once was’ was an almost overnight change, a speedy adjustment and then almost a new norm. 

What people have realised, is that where you might have been challenged with a resistance to change, change has happened and you have your proof of how it’s adaptable and how new routine and patterns can be implemented at a rapid pace. 

With this rapid change leaving many with a slowed down schedule without a commute and more ‘me’ time, it has triggered something that leaves many with the space to think more from a core layer regarding self development; how you want to set goals, relate to your value, set your mission in life, seek out and fully utilise opportunity. 

In times like this, people focus on the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ concept, and whilst this gives hope and keeps you motivated, think about the potential of how beautiful the inside of that tunnel could be. Shift your focus the left, right, up and down and see that there could be such beauty inside when your focus isn’t totally on the end game.