You’re struggling to keep momentum on exploring your next step.

Have you finished or are you approaching the end of your study? At one point in time you were either driven by the subject you were to embark on, or you might have felt more suited to something a little more generic. Now you are approaching the end of your final step and the daunting feeling is creeping upon you, leaving you wondering what to do next? How to utilise your education, what education to do next, or how to transfer your knowledge into something new. Over the last years of study you have had exposure to a whole new degree of knowledge and experiences and that might have put new options on your radar and shifted your sense of direction. There’s something telling you from the inside that decisions need to come in to play, yet you are not fully equipped to explore these feelings alone; you can’t quite hit the nail on the head and grasp your starting point, yet this sense to get your plan in to action resonates with you the closer you get to results day.