FOMO – The Fear of Missing Out 

Do you have this feeling inside of you that makes you feel the need to say yes to everything? Every invite, every event, every party? Do you feel like if you aren’t there you’ll lose a little social status? Or more importantly you will miss out on something that everyone will be talking about for ages and you missed out on it and can’t join in the “you had to be there” conversations? Do you find yourself waiting to respond to such events until the last minute incase something better comes along? But will you end up with the dilemma of sticking to your principles of being someone who can be relied upon? Does the feeling of being seen or posting the perfect picture in social media resonate with you? How do you feel if this is not something that can be sustained anymore and you are struggling to keep up with the demands that you feel are being set for you, but to which you no longer want to conform to? How do you extinguish unwanted desires?