Ever find yourself saying this by default?

A lot of us learn by repetition, then reiterate by habit. One of the most common misconceptions of humans is that when asked “how are you doing?”, the response “I’m fine” is perceived as a good thing. This could be the case, but have you ever thought about how you were really feeling when you have answered with “I’m fine”. Can you then go on to define your answer? With this in mind, we are all guilty of masking what is really going on by using this simple response of being fine. It’s not always the most ideal situation or the person you want to discuss this with. Maybe nobody within your circle is someone you feel comfortable to discuss this with. As a coach, a lot of what I practice with clients is discovery. Sometimes your ‘’I’m fine’’, deep down you know you don’t feel as fine as the fine you are expressing to be, but you can’t seem to catch what that feeling really relates to. 

Taking a path of discovery can help you along the way.