Hi, I'm Reece

Discovery Coach

Culture Architect

My calling as a Discovery Coach is to create impact on the personal growth of my clients. Whether career related or not, every aspect of your life will start with you and your approach towards everything in it. Offering insights to oneself from refreshed angles can create a new awareness which will lead to more efficient ways of recognising, appreciating and utilising an abundance of opportunity. Through discovery coaching you can feel more connected to your true self and experience a new wave of flourished energy. At least, that’s my take on discovery coaching!

What is discovery coaching?

Discovery coaching can offer support in overcoming your current challenges; it can offer a space to explore new grounds. As a Discovery Coach I can support you whilst navigating the path on which you face these challenges.

Who is discovery coaching for?

Working on your personal development is something for everybody. Every person has it in his or herself to figuring out or grow their individual talent. The first step is always the most difficult, but I have good news, by visiting this website you have already taken the first step. You are open for change and willing to work on yourself!

Who is Reece, Discovery Coach?

I had wanted to be a coach for some time. I felt a calling and a curiosity towards people. Through coaching I felt I can not only achieve this sense of fulfilment but share this with other people at the same time. 

Does it sound familiar?

Why Now?

Why is now a good time to have coaching? After an influx of interest over the last few weeks, I started to wonder if there was a connection between the interest for coaching and the current times we are faced with.  A common theme over the last couple of years has seen a struggle with…

Where’s you career focused?

You’re struggling to keep momentum on exploring your next step. Have you finished or are you approaching the end of your study? At one point in time you were either driven by the subject you were to embark on, or you might have felt more suited to something a little more generic. Now you are…

The burning desire for everything

FOMO – The Fear of Missing Out  Do you have this feeling inside of you that makes you feel the need to say yes to everything? Every invite, every event, every party? Do you feel like if you aren’t there you’ll lose a little social status? Or more importantly you will miss out on something…

I’m fine

Ever find yourself saying this by default? A lot of us learn by repetition, then reiterate by habit. One of the most common misconceptions of humans is that when asked “how are you doing?”, the response “I’m fine” is perceived as a good thing. This could be the case, but have you ever thought about…

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